Full Moon Vision

Living, as I do, quite close to Glastonbury it is often tempting to go there and join in the full-moon celebrations. These communal celebrations do have a place and perform a useful function in bringing the local Pagan community together.

But I think there is a danger of missing out when we allow community and celebration, important as that is, to take over from reverence and simply standing in the light of the moon and talking to the Goddess, but that is a thought for another time.

I am lucky in that I live near the sea and some quite magnificent sand dunes. In the past I would go there with somebody who was both close to me and my working partner, now sometimes I will go there alone, climb the dunes and just listen to the Goddess as the light of the moon covers me. But it is after this, on the walk back through the dunes that I sometimes see the real Magic.

The light of the moon isn’t simply brightest at full moon but has a quite magical property. Walking bathed in the light of the full moon the world takes on a very different aspect. Things that look very much alike look very different In the light of the full moon. Things that you simply shouldn’t see in the day light stand out as if transformed into something entirely different. Hills and vales that in the ‘Real’ world are almost unnoticed or regarded stand out as if they were power houses of ethereal energy.

Walking back, bathed in the light of the full moon you are not simply seeing things in a new light but are seeing a different world. The full moon provides a window through which we can see not just a different view of our world but see, and walk through, a very different wold. A magical world populated by magical beings. A world where the Fae roam and Magic is everyday.

So perhaps next full moon it might be worth taking the time to look around in the light of the full moon and see the world around you transform into a sparkling magical realm.

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