The Transition

I stand before the spirits of the Sea,
Ancient boundary betwixt life and transition.
A souls journey between what was and what must be.

To cast away the gift of the Raven haired one
Beyond the use of mortal men
To the realm of the earth’s daughter’s son

The wheel turns, love its cost.
To break the link that bind two souls,
through many lives past, but the future lost.

An end without renewal in sight,
Shedding which was once held close
Unknowing if the wheel’s turn brings light.

To lose,
that which even Anesidora kept.
A path, a future, yet to choose.

Call the hooded spirits of old,
to heal, a broken soul restore.
To save a life that may yet be told.

To turn the Wheel once more.
To stand alone before the sea.
To break with what was before.
To face a future I yet can’t see.

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