The Pentagram Tarot Spread

So I have been using the tarot a lot recently to help me understand where I am and the direction I must take and the path I must walk.

I many years ago though about the spread I should use and came up with something I felt comfortable with. I have been using this spread a lot and thought maybe I should share it with everybody who isn’t reading this blog.

So the spread.

Tarot01Imagine a pentacle, five points and the centre.

As usual shuffle the cards and pick one that represents you,

I take one sight unseen from the pack, and place it face up in the centre of the pentagram.

Then from the top of the pack, face down place five cards where the points of the pentagram would be.


Turn the card at 1 o’clock, this card represents Earth, and is the foundation of the answer, what underlies the answer the other cards will give.

It is worth considering at this point what that foundation card is telling you. It may well be saying that the answer is not going to be framed in the context you would wish.



Tarot04Then the card at 5 o’clock, this is Air and represents the influences that will blow into your life.

Remember that these influences are by their nature out of your control and of course relate directly to the answer you are seeking.

Again take a few moments to consider the meaning of this card. Do these influences seem like they will help or hinder? Can they be mitigated?

Tarot05At 7 o’clock is Fire, this card represents all the energy and power that is driving the answer.

This energy can come from yourself, or the World but it is what is energizing and powering the answer to your inquiry.

Consider, if the energy is coming from your self is it taking you in the right direction? Is it a positive or negative force?

If it is from the World then do you understand the source of the energy?

At this point, pause. Think on what has been revealed, you have been shown the foundation of the answer and both the external influences and the passion and energy that is driving the answer you will receive. This alone may be enough to tell you the path you must take or avoid.

If the energy driving the answer is negative perhaps you need to look at that before looking to answer your question. If the foundation the answer you are seeking is self destructive for example perhaps you need to look at your inner motivations before continuing on.

Tarot07If you must continue, the turn over the card at 10 o’clock, this is the card of Water and represents the will of the Other Land, the Goddess.

In ancient times we believed that water was the gateway to this Other Land and still today it draws us to the mystical.

Then the final card, the Spirit card, the will of the Fates and the Universe.


In reading the spread you need to take the will of the Other Land, the Goddess together with the will of the Fates together. They make the whole and it is in these two cards and their interplay that your answer lies, but remember the other cards they are there to help you interpreted the final two.

There we have it. The Pentagram Spread. And no I am it going to tell you the question I was asking, or the answer. But I will say it wasn’t a surprise.

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