Of Faces and Truth

Words like spiders’ webs in the frost laden morning,
Glittering, beautiful but without substance, without future
Words like the damoclean sword, the promise of destruction
A modern day Dionysius, showing her power to control

Not a triple but an aspect of two
A face for the world, A story of Love and care
A face for the boy / man,
A face of betrayal.

A mask presented in place of Love
To trap and control and eventually discard.
To once entangle the soul of another,
Then cast adrift, entangled still.

To take what was never really given.
Promises, empty, ghosts of what they seem
The prize kept, always just out of reach
To be revealed a mirage, to tease and constrain.

In time, unmasked and exposed
Her true nature revealed
Rule of 3 to rule her fate
Though he may never know

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