Coincidence or portents

Humans have a perhaps unique ability to see patterns. We see the world as a series of patterns, both visual and sequential.
This was a vital survival technique in years gone by, being able to rapidly identify a threat, often before we were even consciously aware of it, ensures our safety.

Becomes able to recognise patterns allows us to infer the presence of that threat before it becomes obvious.
As Witches we believe that we can sense the shadows of the future, that the echoes of things to be can be seen in events today.

But there is always a nagging doubt, is what we, I, see in the worlds around me at this time portents? The shadows of what may be? Or are they just my mind driven by wishes and desires, hopes of what once was but was lost?

A “normal” person would see them as coincidences, as simply our mind creating patterns out of random events.
As a Witch? I can but hope


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