5 pillars to gain and retain balance

On one of our csaqt Twitterchats the idea that to maintain balance in all aspects of our lives we need to base it on solid underpinning. Ideally more than one thing to allow for one or more of the things that under pin the balance to be attacked or weaken.

The idea of 5 pillars was born, so what might mine be? As anybody who knows me will understand mine are, indeed have to be, based on the 5 elements. The 5 points of the pentagram.

That which provides us a place to stand, emotional and psychological as well as physical safety.
We all know that trying to maintain our physical balance is almost impossible where the ground we are on isnt stable or uneven.
A slippery path, one strewn with rocks or pot holes.

So an unstable emotional or psychological environment is going to make finding or maintaining our balance difficult

That which surrounds us, our friends and support network.
These vital people are the ones who are there when we need to talk, or just have a presence.
Sometimes family but perhaps more often than not they will be others who have similar experiences who intuitively understand.
Fellow travellers on the path to balance.

That which drives us to our aim of achieving and maintaining balance.
The desire to achieve balance and more often than not a sense of safety.
One of the key things here is our intent, our mental picture of where we want to be.
Despite what we might say to others, or even ourselves when we think about, picture our future selves do we see a balanced person?

From ancient times water was seen as a mystical gateway to the Other realms. Places of mystical powers and abilities.
This reminds us that we are way more than we believe ourselves to be.
In the words of Christopher Robin to Pooh bear
you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

That which touches our soul.
For many, and for me, a faith sustains them and gives them both hope and strength in difficult times.
Faith that the Goddess, if not controlling things is what you might call a guiding mind.
Not that you dont have to do the work, walk the walk, but that she will be there with you and when the opportunity presents itself she will point you in its direction, hold the door open but you still have to chose walk through.
Its about trusting in her that it will be ok in the end, if its not ok its not the end

So there we have it, my 5 pillars. But this is me now and who is to say that the pillars will remain the same in days, weeks or years to come. I know i wont

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