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Hecate’s Dream

The roads meet, a path behind and a choice
She stands, her gaze on all paths, those shadows of the past and the echoes of things that may yet be
Unseen by the traveller, unnoticed by the proud yet guiding the footsteps of those with no voice

A wall, unbroken, raised by those who have yet to feel regret and shame,
To separate them from those that walk the path of the fallen.
She holds not hope but a key, a door not present may yet be opened for those that know her name.

Dark times for those whose actions cast them out, Shunned by friends and lover alike.
She raises the promethean gift aloft, shadow and light brought to life.
Dark and Light, foreshadowing Fides return, or a life alone?

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One of the problems that some ‘normal’ people have with the idea of paganism is that they really don’t understand what it is. This isn’t surprising after all as the term covers such a broad range of beliefs, practices and ideas that even the Pagan federation has had to ‘throw in the towel’ and accept that a Pagan Is somebody who says that they are a Pagan. The so called self identify test.
In a way this is a good thing of course, Pagans tend to feel at home with a wide range of different faiths and belief structures. It can cause a problem however as somebody searching for a name for their own beliefs can be faced with a vast range paths all with their own underlying beliefs and rituals. Some have a vast range of gods and goddesses; some believe that their gods are literal individuals others see them as aspects of a greater divine.

Some are based one faiths that existed many years ago, some being well documented while others little more than a folk memory, while others are ‘new’ faiths born in the recent past.
Some of these faiths are well known, others hidden and secret while others are growing in popularity. All in all a bewildering array of faiths and paths to chose from.
So in the spirit of making things even more complex I would like to present a path that formalises some thoughts about the deity that many people have. This path isn’t as well known perhaps as some of the others and is called Pantheism.
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