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Imbolc: A time to grow!


The first of February sees the celebration of Imbolc, a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of spring. It is seen as a positive time with thoughts turning towards the return of the sun to the land after its long sleep during the winter. We see the days becoming longer and the long nights, slowly at first, starting to shorten.
We look out for the first signs of spring, the snow drops in the woods, the shoots of the daffodils fighting their way through the soil to break into the pale morning spring light
Traditionally it is a time when new initiates were welcomed into a coven, again in a symbolic reference to the new life they are starting.
It is also the traditional time for us to celebrate new beginnings, to see the first indications of growth and development from the seeds and hard work of the previous year.
But sometimes we are confronted with the fact that not all of the seeds we planted, either actual real seeds, or more likely metaphorical seeds, have germinated. We look to the last year, all the hard work we have put in to change our situations, our lives for the better. Or Look at the foundations we have put in place and yet there seems no sign of growth, no sign that the desired outcome is beginning to take shape.
So why is it that all the work, the decisions we took and the sacrifices we made in the last year, seem to have come to nothing? Why are we as unhappy with our life as we were this time last year despite making commitments?

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Schrodinger’s Solstice?

We are now approaching the Summer Solstice, this, along with the Winter Solstice, is a special time for me. For some reason I feel that these two aspects of the wheel of the year are somewhat more important, more special, than the other six points on the wheel.
I feel that at summer and particularly winter solstice the universe stops, hesitates and then reverses direction. These are decision points, points of fragility, when the momentum of existence is at its weakest and most prone to changes in direction and emphasis. They are quite simply balance points where the future is most malleable, most open to our input and most at risk.
It is at these times that I feel in honoring, celebrating and acknowledging we can take our place in the long line of people throughout history that have done their bit to nudge the universe back in the right direction.

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