Hecate’s Dream

The roads meet, a path behind and a choice
She stands, her gaze on all paths, those shadows of the past and the echoes of things that may yet be
Unseen by the traveller, unnoticed by the proud yet guiding the footsteps of those with no voice

A wall, unbroken, raised by those who have yet to feel regret and shame,
To separate them from those that walk the path of the fallen.
She holds not hope but a key, a door not present may yet be opened for those that know her name.

Dark times for those whose actions cast them out, Shunned by friends and lover alike.
She raises the promethean gift aloft, shadow and light brought to life.
Dark and Light, foreshadowing Fides return, or a life alone?

Even as the weavers draw the weft tight, fixing the fate of all.
The daughter of star and destruction will walk that same path,
Tearing down what was, building a new, granting the Blacksmiths daughter’s gift to those that fall.

Searching for that which has been taken, in the darkness a mothers hope survives
Beyond the centennial wanderings of the companions of woe.
The injunction broken 6 times, but the mistress returns and the earth revives

To choose a turn of the wheel, an end and a beginning to bring.
Guiding the traveller, westward, through golden Elysium.
To rest in the land of Summer, to start anew with soul now clean.

The silent watcher witnesses the performances of the lost
Souls shredded, pain revisited, doors to shadows opened
Never seeing the lady in her guise, even unknown to the unknowing priestess guides
She stands with those that walk the path of the fallen

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