What is magic?

Recently I was talking about Paganism to somebody and was asked about Magic, was it like the bang flash Harry Potter type of magic?
This led me to start thinking about how I see Magik, how it manifests and how I work with it.

So no magic isn’t the wave a wand and turn somebody into a frog neither is it the brash kick in the door type of magic we see in films. Magic is much more subtle than that, so subtle in fact that you won’t even see it working!

Most of us will have sent healing to somebody who is unwell and been happy when we hear that he or she has recovered, but talk to many people and they will say it was just a coincidence. Well yes maybe but does that preclude the #magical working having an effect?

A slightly prosaic example of this happened recently. On a trip to Wearyall Hill in #Glastonbury I lost my phone, couldn’t find it anywhere and had almost decided I needed to buy a new one, which I couldn’t really afford. But first I did a quick magical working, a ‘Find’ Spell.

Almost immediately my attention was grabbed by the setting sun, and as I had my camera with me – and hadn’t managed to lose that, I decided to get a photo. Walking to a point that would give me a good view I turned and tripped. After I has sorted myself out I put my hand down to push myself up and felt something under it, it was my lost phone!

Not magic, just a chain of coincidence.
Or as I feel, it is magic exactly because it’s a chain of coincidences, that’s how I see magic….

Encouraging coincidence

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