The Quantum Cat’s Grin – Pathworking for the modern age.

One area of Magickal practice that sometimes seems to get lost, perhaps because it demands self-control and focus is that of path working.

For those not familiar with the technique it could be thought of as a combination of structured visualization and meditation where the practitioner journeys through the otherland, sometimes a familiar comforting landscape at others much more demanding. Perhaps the greatest practitioners of this being Charles Seymour and Christine Hartley.

The principle being that it is possible to separate something of yourself, an attribute that makes you you so to speak, and to send it on the journey of discovery and growth while your physical body remains.

While this, and similar techniques, have been part of occult and other metaphysical practices of many faiths some more sceptical people have questioned the possibility of separating the soul from the body at all, questioning even if an attribute of an object could even exist separately from the thing its self as the soul needs to do.
However recent experiments in the realms of quantum physics have shown that not only is it possible to separate at attribute from an object but that that attribute can take a very different journey to that of the physical body that it belongs to.

It’s almost as if, as the report explains, that the Cheshire cat’s grin can be separated and travel independently, for a time, from the Cat himself. [1]

So again the universe seems to be showing us that ancient magickal practices should not simply be dismissed and perhaps points us towards a fresh look at the magical practices we undertake and if we don’t already to take that step and put in the effort and focus to begin the path working journey.


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